About Neel Kamal Rubbers Pvt. Ltd.

Neel Kamal Rubbers Pvt. Ltd., the company engaged in the manufacture of Bicycle - Rickshaw Tyres - Tubes Automobile Tubes and Bicycle Moulded Tubes was founded in 1986, under the able guidance of our chairman Mr.Rajinder Puri, who has an excellent work experience and track record in the field since a decade.

The work was started In a small building of 1500 sq. yds. at Basti Mithu, Kapurthala Road, Jalandhar with the initial investment of Rs.20 Lacs- only. At the very start, it was though a tiny unit, but it had the rare distinction of being the 'First Industrial Unit' to manufacture quality bicycle tyres. Neel Kamal products are competing with the imported products in quality and price.

The company has now its own premises of 7500 sq. yds. at Basti Mithu, Kapurthala road Jalandhar. The work has now expanded considerably with the addition of our another premises, Neel Kamal Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. (Unit No. II) of 4000 sq yds at A-7 Sports & Surgical Complex, Jalandhar.

Mr.Rajinder Puri (Chairman) & Mr. Manav Puri (Managing Director) together with professionally managed quality team of executives are managing the group. The company has left no stone unturned in checking the quality of the products so produced. The Neel Kamal Tyres & Tubes are well known for their quality & Workmanship through out India, and in the foreign markets also. The company is already covering all the states of India and is exporting its products to Europe, U.S.A., Middle East and the African countries.



Rubber Compound

Neel Kamal Group has developed some of the most advanced rubber compounds in the cycling world. Rubber compounds are designed with rolling resistance, grip, durability and puncture resistance in mind.

Tread Pattern

The environment in which the tyre is to be used determines tread pattern. Whether your riding takes you down a nice smooth road, through dusty desert trails, or bombing down a muddy, root infested downhill course, the tread pattern is the key ingredient in how your bike handles.


The casing is the fabric that the rubber compound adheres to. The fabric of the casing can be made in varying thicknesses and threads per inch (TPI). The casings can be treated and reinforced with various materials in order to achieve different ride qualities.


The bead is the loop of material that ensures the tyre is held securely to the rim. Neel Kamal tyres are available in either wire, and or folding bead.